Soda Fired Tenmoku Glazes

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Soda Fired Tenmoku Glazes

Shop glazes from the Armory Art glaze lab.

Sprayed 1st layer of glaze blend (75%Angel Eyes/25%Tenmoku)
Sprayed 2nd layer of Strontium Crystal Magic using a large droplet spray pattern, and a very light application.
Sprayed 3rd layer of glaze blend ( 33% Tenmoku/33%Angel Eyes/33%No Man’s Black) Sprayed very heavily in and out.

Fired to c10/11 in Soda kiln, with 333g borax/333g soda ash/333g baking soda -> 1 gal Hot H20 introduced via garden sprayer. (Notice the badass blue/green glass in the bottom? That’s the soda!)

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